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This blog has gone through a lot

Well, at least quite a lot of years. According to WordPress, I’ve had this blog for seven years now. I used to blog on Friendster before that (ancient times, huh). There are times in between the years that I stopped posting regularly for different reasons. The past one and a half year, I began posting less about my personal life, been on and off posting recipes and very short fiction stories instead. The reason behind it is that I was struggling to decide the extent which I am comfortable with of sharing my personal experiences and thoughts online. To make a long explanation short: I’ve grown up. Nah, I’m kidding. I just had bad experiences with people gossiping over little things they saw online.

But not posting on this blog makes me nervous. I really love to write, and I love to think about people and life in a weird way, and I do love to share stuff. So, I looked for middle-ground, and found it, and am now prepared to get back to blogging! The first step is changing the blog’s look, and putting up this post, of course, but there are more things to come. I will keep you posted.


YOLO post

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Songbook : A Playlist

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