YOLO post

I had my dreams come true. I had my plans so close to becoming reality, before they were torn apart and thrown at my face. I broke people’s hearts. I got my heart broken. I took my chances. Other times I stupidly walked in the opposite… Read More

The Case of the Believer

“Aarrghh!” Anna instinctively covered her head with her two arms. Her body hit the white marble floor, and instantly she felt sharp pain reverberate through her whole being. “Aarrgghh!!” This time she let out a higher pitch out her mouth. She was thrown from above,… Read More

The Case of the Decapitated

No one would listen to him when he talked about the incident of the head. The incident happened not too long ago; he could still revive every second of it in his mind. He was walking in a deserted field. The land was ash gray, burnt… Read More

The Seoul Story Retold

This story of my 2013 winter trip to South Korea was originally posted in Dave’s Travel Corner website on April 2013. I’m re-posting it here to have it archived in my blog. Enjoy! *** The best travel experiences are those of discovery. It does not… Read More