My Product Stash and Testing Spreadsheet

I recently (well, for the past 6 months?) found myself a new interest: skincare. It all started when I opened an instagram account to document all the skincare product samples that I tried and whether or not I liked them. But one can’t simply just document their products on instagram under the hashtag #skincarejunkie. One finds other skincare accounts and gets in touch with the people behind them, learns so much about skincare ingredients, the science behind them, building a routine… Before long, I’ve entered a world of new fun.  Continue reading


Positivity Revival

Surround yourself with positive people.

We must have heard a version of this sentence some time in our lives. This week I am revisiting this sentence as I try to face some things that are happening in my personal life and work.  Continue reading

The Bi-Annual Closet Cleaning Strategy

I don’t buy a lot of clothes, but I think I usually do have more than I need in my closet. Since I don’t allow myself to own more than my wardrobe can contain, every once in a while I would take a good look at my closet and weed out clothes that I don’t really use. I usually do this towards the end of winter, or at the end of summer.

Now, admitting that you don’t need something you own can be hard, so I make myself some guidelines to help me get rid of all the bullshit reasoning of why a certain clothing item will be useful in the future when I have really only touched it once since I acquired it.  Continue reading

Before Anything Else

Before anything else, I am a human being.
Before the ambitions for my career.
Before the lifestyle I choose to live.
Before the religion labeled on me.
Before the orders mandated to me.
I am first and foremost, a human being. And so is everyone else.

After all, they are human beings.
Trying to make their mark after all.
Taking a shot at happiness after all.
Waiting to come home after all.
Waited by their family after all.
At the end of the day, they are human beings. And I am too.

mid-June 2016

An Outlet of Sorts

I suppose I’m supposed to write a beautiful introduction to this blog here, to grab your attention and convince you that I’m an awesome blogger.
But alas, I am not going to blow your mind with this introductory post. This is my blog in which I write stories, poems, flowcharts of recipes, and notes about some of my traveling experiences. Some of my older posts are written in Bahasa Indonesia (my mother tongue), so don’t be shocked if you find a post without a single recognizable word.
I don’t blog as often anymore as I used to seven or eight years ago, but I try to keep writing things from time to time. So please subscribe to receive notification when new things are posted. :)


The Case of the Decapitated

No one would listen to him when he talked about the incident of the head. The incident happened not too long ago; he could still revive every second of it in his mind. He was walking in a deserted field. The land was ash gray, burnt trees and beings were covering the most part of it. But he was not alone. Other people were also going about the field, minding whatever business they were in possession of.

What was his business? Nothing of import. He just happened to be in the area. He was wearing black that day, which was quite uncharacteristic of him. And weirdly, that motivated him to do something uncharacteristic as well : walk among dead bodies just to pass time.  Continue reading