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Introducing : Clouded Conversations

As you may or may not know, I love conversations. I delight in talking with people, I more often than not invite myself to listen in on random people’s conversations, and one of my pastimes is imagining stories and dialogues between characters.

It is because of the latter that I decided to start a new blog solely dedicated to fictitious conversations I make in my head. The blog’s called Clouded Conversations.

I basically post conversations between two or more characters. No explanation on where it takes place, how the characters look like, what happens around them when they were talking, or why they started the conversation. I, of course, have my own complete picture of what the conversations are about. But as the blog’s tagline says, you may have your own take on the stories.

I just started it three days ago, and I will be posting one conversation every day. Kindly visit it, tell me what you think about it, follow it (if you’re on Tumblr), and or subscribe to it. :)

Here goes :

– cheers to all –

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The Case of the Decapitated

No one would listen to him when he talked about the incident of the head. The incident happened not too long ago; he could still revive every second of it in his mind. He was walking in a deserted field. The land was ash gray, burnt trees and beings were covering the most part of it. But he was not alone. Other people were also going about the field, minding whatever business they were in possession of.

What was his business? Nothing of import. He just happened to be in the area. He was wearing black that day, which was quite uncharacteristic of him. And weirdly, that motivated him to do something uncharacteristic as well : walk among dead bodies just to pass time.

He had only been strolling for a couple minutes when he saw it. His own head. It was gray also, as if it had decided to be one with the land it was occupying. The eyes were looking out solemnly, lips pursed. He was surprisingly calm when he knelt down to lift it up in his hands.

“If this is mine, how come I can see it?” he asked himself. He held it close to his side, and turned his back. He needed an explanation.

The road outside the field had a bus stop. He looked carefully at the sign posted at the stop’s shelter. There was only one line that passes by that stop, one directed to Antword.

“Oh, how lovely, the bus is coming in less than five minutes,” he chuckled to himself.

“But it is not necessary for you to go so soon,” said a bold voice next to him. He looked to the direction of where the voice had come; a lady had appeared next to him.

He had never been so perplexed by the view of a lady before. She was dressed in lace the color of navy down to her feet, her ruby hair tied up in a neat bun, and she was wearing a thin veil held by a small hat at the side of her head. It was as if she was ready to wed someone, but couldn’t figure out the right color to wear. And how he couldn’t tell the color of her eyes! It seemed as if they changed color every so often.

“Excuse me, my lady, for ignoring your presence. How disrespectful of me,” he bowed an apology.

The young lady’s lips formed what looked like a knowing smile, and she waved her hand in a dismissive manner. “I was here alright but I didn’t show myself. I decide who deserves to see me in my true form.”

The young lady looked out to the empty road in front of them. “I have been waiting to get on the bus for quite a long time now. I’ve learnt to choose the people I talk to.”

“I thought the bus passes every fifteen minutes,” the man said.

“Yes, yes it does. Don’t worry. For me, the time just hasn’t come to ride it yet.”

The man didn’t say a word. His right arm started to feel weary of holding his head, he moved it to his left side. “I wonder if I, too, have to wait here for a while.”

The lady started walking about the bus shelter. So graceful and light were her steps, it looked like the earth moved with her. She looked intently to the man, and he noticed the pink glow in her eyes.

“Is that yours?” she pointed to his head.

“It is.”

“I suppose when your head is gone, you must not delay any attempt to get it back.”

It was a sensible answer. He gazed at his head, it was getting colder in his hands. And heavier. But what about this young lady? What matter had she, that could wait for as long as she had waited?

“I have to wait for courage to come.” the lady startled him.

“Excuse me?”

“That’s why I had waited and am still waiting. I haven’t got the courage to face the answers I am looking for.”

It was already a very particular day for the man even before the young lady showed up. They heard a sound of the bus approaching, and the lady motioned her head.

“Thank you for accompanying me,” he bowed.

“You will see me again.” The young lady smiled, and slowly disappeared until the amber of her eyes were the last he could see. He stepped out of the shelter as the bus stopped, and its doors opened.

“How much to Antword?” he asked.

“Oh, we don’t ask for fares to people who lost their head,” responded the driver. “Hop on. To Antword!”

2 Nov 2014, by Ernestasia

“My dreams are haunting me.” | “Haunt them back and show them who’s boss.”

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Cooking Flowchart : Lazy Apple Pie

Lazy, cause I didn’t have to make the crust. xD 

This is my first try on making an apple pie; I used this recipe here. LOVE. I read through the suggestions/comments on the recipe page, and adjusted the recipe here and there. Things to keep in mind when making this :

1. Taste the apples you’re using, so that you can measure how sweet/not sweet your butter filling should be.  

2. When making the butter filling for the pie, make sure that it is paste-like, otherwise the inside of your pie will be runny. 

3. Better served after being left overnight.

Here goes the flowchart!


apple pie– cheers to all –


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Continuation : In Charge – Jane’s Proposal (2)

This is the continuation of the story here.

I finally came up with a title : “In Charge”, and… I decided that I would continue writing this as a series instead of just a short story on Jane’s situation here. The title of the series is “In Charge”, and for each different story, I will give a separate title.

I am basically very inspired by what it means to be 20-something and being in charge of making major decisions in your life; and as there are a lot of stories to tell, I think it would be nice to put everything under one series. In this part of the story, we’re seeing what Jane experiences, but in the future, you will be seeing a little bit of what the other characters go through as well.



“Jane, he’s gonna propose. Should I show you what it means in the dictionary? I know what you’re thinking. You can’t break up with him. It’s the fourth time now.”

“In my defense, the past three weren’t really going to propose to me.”

Luke didn’t say a word. Of course, inside he was running through tens of reasons why Jane’s claim was not valid, but he thought better of arguing with this difficult girl. He quietly took out his phone, planning to just check what’s going on in other people’s lives to kill time next to Jane. They were out of range. Great, he thought.

“Look, Jane. Just go home, okay? There are better ways to solve your worries than running away. You’re not fifteen anymore, sheesh.”

“Fine. I’ll go home. But do you think it’d be a problem if I say no to his proposal?”

Luke took a deep breath. Sometimes he wished he could breathe out water and use it to soak this friend of his. With the amount of impatience she’s causing to build up inside him, he should be able to generate enough water.

“Just do whatever makes you happy, okay? And by happy, I mean with no regrets. You can’t depend on people to make decisions for you so you can blame them later when things turn out to be bad.”

Jane pouted. But she knew that Luke was right. She watched him stand up and stretch his hands before fixing her with a serious look on his face.

“I’m leaving now. I can’t stay too long in an area with no mobile signal. Allergic.”


It really seemed like Luke was actually allergic to places out of service range; he was driving close to the speed limit, and only slowed down once his phone finally sounded. It was the sound of a scream, his message tone. Ten other screams followed the first one.

“Luke, do you really have to use that as your message tone??”

Luke just smirked. “Can you please help me read who they’re from?”

Jane reached for the phone, and started the screen. “You really need to find a girlfriend to do this for you.”

“Shut up. So who they’re from?”

Jane didn’t answer, her eyes fixed on the screen, finger slightly moving to scroll up and down.

“Jane I said read who the messages are from, not what the messages are.

“One’s from Fritz. He’s breaking up with me.”

“What? Crap.”

Luke saw a gas station ahead of them and pulled up near the way to a public restroom area. “I need to pee so I can concentrate talking to you. I’m gonna lock you in so you don’t run away again.”


“Just look at it as a light punishment for reading my messages.”

With that, Luke left Jane and headed to the restrooms.

Inside the car, Jane folded her arms and rested her back against the seat. Maybe this is what people call karma, she thought. But I didn’t even hurt him. I was just thinking about the possibility of breaking up. What the hell, karma? 


… to be continued.

– cheers to all –

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Cooking Flowchart : Lime & Cilantro (More Like Cumin) Chicken

This dish made me discover the power of cumin when used together with lime. So tasty. O.O After trying this two weeks ago, I decided to marinade my salmon for tonight’s dinner with lemon juice and cumin before pan frying it. Love.

I actually forgot to buy cilantro. xDDD Whatever. It already tastes good without it.

– cheers to all –