My Product Stash and Testing Spreadsheet

I recently (well, for the past 6 months?) found myself a new interest: skincare. It all started when I opened an instagram account to document all the skincare product samples that I tried and whether or not I liked them. But one can’t simply just document their products on instagram under the hashtag #skincarejunkie. One finds other skincare accounts and gets in touch with the people behind them, learns so much about skincare ingredients, the science behind them, building a routine… Before long, I’ve entered a world of new fun. 

I’m not here to tell you about all the lovely friends and product discoveries I’ve made (this will be the last time I rub it in your faces, I promise), but about how I organize one aspect of my adventure being a skincare enthusiast on instagram. Product testing. My account is for fun, but I do take my reviews seriously. Besides reviewing products that I buy myself, I sometimes receive gifts from giveaways or friendmails, and packages from brands or shops that were looking for reviewers of new products.


I try to test each product properly before giving an opinion on it. I see my skincare product testing the way I see user/quality tests that I conduct at work: there are many factors during testing that may influence the final opinion on the product being tested, and so it is important to be as detailed as possible in observing these factors. A few of the most basic are as follows.

  • Don’t start testing two new products at the same time.
  • Give enough time for testing (for treatments, and moisturizers, I test for at least 1-1.5 months before giving out a review, for acids even more).
  • Note and inform readers of the condition of testing (e.g. did I use the product daily? What other treatments did I use while testing? How was my skin condition when I started?, etc.)

Anyway, I decided to make a spreadsheet to help me keep track of my testing periods, and jot down notes of what I noticed during the test. This spreadsheet was initially created for me to keep track of my stash size (and have an idea of what product types I DON’T need more of LOL), but in the end it became more than that. I have a sheet that also lists all the products I’d tried previously and whether or not I think they are worth repurchasing (for myself). If you’re interested in taking a look to create one for yourself, you can check it out here, or click on the screenshot of the spreadsheet below.

Skincare Stash Tracker

Do you have any latest new hobbies or obsessions?

– E.


2 thoughts on “My Product Stash and Testing Spreadsheet

  1. mphy says:

    Keren banget Nest,, dan Rajin banget,,,,,, pake spreadsheet segala. Aku jga lagi hobi banget sama skin care,, dan suami dijadikan “kelinci”nyaa.

    • rNest says:

      Ahahaaa iya nih Mba Mpy. Ini biar keinget aja produk mana yang udah dipake berapa lama. Hihii.
      Gaul banget suaminya Mba Mpy mau dijadiin kelinci skincare hihiii

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