Positivity Revival

Surround yourself with positive people.

We must have heard a version of this sentence some time in our lives. This week I am revisiting this sentence as I try to face some things that are happening in my personal life and work.  Continue reading


The Bi-Annual Closet Cleaning Strategy

I don’t buy a lot of clothes, but I think I usually do have more than I need in my closet. Since I don’t allow myself to own more than my wardrobe can contain, every once in a while I would take a good look at my closet and weed out clothes that I don’t really use. I usually do this towards the end of winter, or at the end of summer.

Now, admitting that you don’t need something you own can be hard, so I make myself some guidelines to help me get rid of all the bullshit reasoning of why a certain clothing item will be useful in the future when I have really only touched it once since I acquired it.  Continue reading

4 Things My Dad Has Taught Me

We never really celebrate father’s day at home, but… time has made me realize that no one can pull off being MY dad as well as my dad. Hahaa.

4 things my dad probably doesn’t remember having taught me, but have stayed with me and helped me live a happier life xDDD

1. You decide if a success/failure drag you down or bring you up.

It was just a casual conversation after dinner. I was still in junior high. And my parents began to talk about how some of their friends in college got mental disorders (a.k.a turned cray-cray) because they were too stressed out for not performing as well in college as they expected. They were the best students in their high school (some even the best in their entire home state), but when they got to college, they were shocked by the tough competition and ended up being so stressed that they lost their mind. >.<  Continue reading

Melepas Kacamata

Wiii.. Judul post ini bukan berarti minus lima saya udah sembuh dan wajah saya bisa free of lenses lagi. *meskipun sangat ingin…

Ceritanya, minggu lalu saya lagi dalam perjalanan ke kampus. Tiba-tiba angkot distop dan dua orang wanita naik bersama seorang anak laki-laki. Salah satu dari wanita tadi duduk di bangku “artis”, alias bangku yang dekat pintu dan menghadap kaca belakang angkot. Hehekh. *entah dari mana saya dapat istilah bangku “artis”… kayaknya dari teman.

Nah, kebiasaan saya ngeliatin dan ngupingin (sambil ngomentarin dalam hati) orang-orang di angkot pun mulai berada dalam mode ON. Dari gayanya yang ngobrol terus sama si anak, saya mulai nebak-nebak apa mungkin wanita di bangku artis tadi adalah bibinya. Mukanya sih keliatan ramah. Trus kayaknya familiar gitu… Apa ada artis yang mirip ama dia ya? *ada juga dia kaleee yang mirip artis…

Tiba-tiba dia membuat sebuah gesture. Dia membetulkan letak kacamatanya. Dan apa yang terjadi sodara-sodara..!?

Continue reading