Before Anything Else

Before anything else, I am a human being.
Before the ambitions for my career.
Before the lifestyle I choose to live.
Before the religion labeled on me.
Before the orders mandated to me.
I am first and foremost, a human being. And so is everyone else.

After all, they are human beings.
Trying to make their mark after all.
Taking a shot at happiness after all.
Waiting to come home after all.
Waited by their family after all.
At the end of the day, they are human beings. And I am too.

mid-June 2016


The Case of the Decapitated

No one would listen to him when he talked about the incident of the head. The incident happened not too long ago; he could still revive every second of it in his mind. He was walking in a deserted field. The land was ash gray, burnt trees and beings were covering the most part of it. But he was not alone. Other people were also going about the field, minding whatever business they were in possession of.

What was his business? Nothing of import. He just happened to be in the area. He was wearing black that day, which was quite uncharacteristic of him. And weirdly, that motivated him to do something uncharacteristic as well : walk among dead bodies just to pass time.  Continue reading

Eye to Eye – A Short Short Story

“Banana caramel for Karina!”

Karina jumped out of her seat and walked nervously to the counter. She grabbed her drink and slipped quietly back to her table. If someone had approached her and asked how she was doing, comfortable would definitely not be an answer.

The place was crowded. Some were talking business; others were exchanging the latest they had heard happening around town. One or two sat alone, absorbed in the fruit of another’s imagination, or long hours of research. Karina checked the time on the screen of her phone. This was not her preferred coffee shop to hang out at. For starters, the place she usually goes to has better magazine and newspaper collection; Karina quietly snorted when she saw the magazines that were lined neatly on a white shelf at the center of the room.  Continue reading

Flying Lanterns

One night it came in blue and white
Told me to gear up for my flight
Light barged in, room and mind
I guess it’s true, seek, you’ll find

Have you ever seen lit up flowers moving up toward the sky?
Oh those words, those hopes in ink
Who reads them?
Whose heart moves seeing one persistent writing year after year?

They were fortunate, thus was the belief
She carved the picture in her head
Of two, challenging the faraway
One day too, she always said,
I’ll find myself as fortunate.

People believe what they want to believe
Is reality but what our minds tell us it is?

A knock on the door.
A man I adore.
“Have you seen, my dear?”
And all sank in.
Not one, but two.
And the white and blue.
“How kind of you, Sir, that you remembered for me.”
“They had always been inside you too. But now think, dear, where from here?”

Dedicated to my mom and dad.

– cheers to all-

The Way Out

“What is it?” she whispered.

“A riddle.”

He took the piece of paper and brought it nearer for them to examine it. The room was not lit enough. They took turns to try to decipher the blurred print on the paper.

The path is but an empty case.
The walk is but a ceaseless chase.
In one light you shall see the trace,
but lose remembrance of the face.

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Hari ini, hujan menemaniku pulang. Kami berjalan beriringan, berbagi cerita dalam diam, bertukar tanya dalam heningnya resah hati. Kurasakan payung kecilku bergerak dalam tasku dan kuacuhkan. Sore ini, aku tak mau menduakan sang hujan.

Hujan menggelitik lenganku dengan basahnya, seolah menggodaku dengan gurauan, berusaha menutup pilu yang mau tak mau melekat pada namanya. ‘Bahkan sebelum tetes pertamamu jatuh dari mendungnya langit, orang-orang sudah kau buat gusar,’ keras candaku membuat hujan semakin sendu.

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